Community newsletter August 2020

Same rate for the same job, right? Wrong, you can be paid less in the UK because of your age! The minimum wage in the UK is calculated according to age, yet there’s no discount for food, bills or housing if you’re 18. Under 18 – £4.35 per hour 18-20 years old – £6.15 per […]

Care workers vs Covid 19

Thank you for making time to complete our Survey. Your responses directed us to write to a number of employers to highlight your concerns. In the main, employers were responsive to our requests and hopefully this reduced the stress levels in your workplace. The biggest concern highlighted was the number of staff working in different […]

Safeguarding children at risk from sudden unexpected infant death

While the overall numbers of babies dying from SUDI are decreasing, a worrying number of deaths have been notified to the Panel as serious child safeguarding incidents. Between June 2018 and August 2019, the deaths of 40 babies from SUDI were reported to the Panel. Most of whom died after co-sleeping in bed or on […]

Personal development courses

Training and development is a great way to keep your brain active and your spirits up during this pandemic and the CPD focus will stand you in good stead for any future plans. UNISON- E-Learning – Online free for members Study Area Course Name Link Mental Health and Wellbeing Staying Strong: Stress Awareness Mermaids […]

NJC pay consultation for council and school workers

Defending and improving members’ pay is one of UNISON’s main tasks. We believe local government employees should be paid fairly, which is why we work together to negotiate better pay with employers. For workers in local government and schools, pay and other Terms & Conditions are determined by a negotiating body; the National Joint Council (NJC) for Local Government services. […]

Term time claim update

As you will remember the date when the Council should have implemented the new Term Time calculation in your salary has changed a number of times. UNISON has re-contacted the Council to request an update for the delays. We have now received confirmation from the Council that the implementation of the term time calculation and […]

Coronavirus crisis – what’s the plan?

While the Government continues to shift its ‘Master Plan for Schools’ in response to the Coronavirus Crisis, the plan for UNISON and other partner trade unions is simple, your safety and the children’s safety must come first. Government proposals to substantially expand primary school opening (potentially) from 1 June is an unacceptable risk.  We believe […]

Covid-19 latest schools advice and guidance

We know you are extremely busy so we’ll only email you about Covid-19 when absolutely necessary. We’ll keep the schools web page up-to-date with current information for you to reference when you need it. This article includes information on: Latest update following meeting of National Schools Committee Survey of school staff on government plans – reminder […]

Covid-19 how to work safely in care homes (Government update)

Public Health England (PHE) has released new personal protective equipment (PPE) recommendations and guidance for workers in care homes and nursing home settings. How to work safely UNISON St Helens would start with a ‘Thank You’ for the continued care and support you are providing for our most vulnerable residents.  These are challenging times for […]

UNISON leads fight to make sure members get proper PPE

If it is absolutely necessary that you go to work, it’s vital your employer considers all measures to keep you safe. Where measures such as social distancing and workplace adjustments have failed or are insufficient your employer will need to consider other measures. These include providing you with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to […]