We need more NJC 2022

UNISON calls for a substantial pay rise of £2000 or RPI for all local government & school workers

UNISON, GMB and Unite lodged a pay claim for all council and school workers employed on NJC pay in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on Monday 6 June.

The claim calls for a substantial increase of either £2,000 or RPI (whichever is greater) on all spinal column points, from 1 April 2022.

The full claim is available on our NJC pay website (unison.org.uk/weneedmore) and has been submitted to the Employers’ Side of the NJC.

The pay claim focuses on the rising cost of living and the need, now more than ever before, for a significant pay rise for all local government and school staff.

Use the link below to find a summary of all the reasons why this pay rise is needed:

Reasons Summary