Unpaid overtime in schools.


It is well known that Teaching Assistants, also identified as Learning Support Assistants, Classroom Assistants and Pupil Support Assistants, work with teachers to help children learn and develop to be the best they can be.

Your roles vary between schools BUT, what doesn’t seem to attract much attention are the extra hours many of you undertake as ‘unpaid’ overtime on a regular basis. Examples include breakfast & after school clubs, out-of- school activities, supervising lunch and play times and preparing learning materials to name a few!

While Head Teachers recognise the importance that support staff play in keeping their schools running effectively, this kind of unpaid work has become the norm in most schools and there appears to be an acceptance that it should continue.

UNISON do not tolerate this activity from any other employer and School Governors and Head Teachers should be under the same scrutiny.

To get a clear picture of the what’s happening in your school, please complete our survey by using the link below before it closes at 5pm on the 15th June 2021. The Survey is CONFIDENTIAL and your name is not required. We would however, like you to identify which school you work in. Using information gathered from your responses, we will seek solutions to your unpaid overtime with School Governors/Head Teachers.

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If you answered yes to Q12 on the survey, please contact us directly with your details via email at enquiries@unisonsthelens.org.uk.

Remember, this is a work/pay relationship i.e. YOU work and YOU should get paid.