Term time claim update

As you will remember the date when the Council should have implemented the new Term Time calculation in your salary has changed a number of times.

UNISON has re-contacted the Council to request an update for the delays. We have now received confirmation from the Council that the implementation of the term time calculation and subsequent backpay was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic with staff working remotely and as such that the payroll monthly processes had to take priority.

The Council’s new ‘target date’ to apply the revised calculations, including arrears of pay from September 2019, is now August 2020.

UNISON, like yourselves, are frustrated with the little progress made over the past few months, but nevertheless staff welfare is our priority too.

With this in mind, we have been examining the number of claims against the number of members who can claim and note that some of you have still not submitted a claim through UNISON.

If you are one of those who thought it wouldn’t be worth it, or was too late – you still have a short window to submit a claim because of the Council’s delayed actions. Our advise is to email the branch office and we will send you the Legal Case Form. UNISON is fully prepared to take this matter to Tribunal and if you want to be part of the legal claim we will need a completed case form from you.

IMPORTANT: If for any reason, you are leaving your term time position, you should contact the branch immediately via email. We can advise you what urgent steps you need to take to keep your claim active.

To the 600+ who have put their names forward and provided the evidence to support their claim, we THANK YOU!

Finally, we would encourage you all to use your networks to pass this message around; speak to your work colleagues and ensure they don’t miss out.

Please remind them that there is still time to Join UNISON and to be included in the claim but time is running out.