Term Time Only – update May 2024

For those of you with holiday pay claims arising out of school term time contracts, you should shortly receive an update from Thompsons solicitors in respect of the current position with these claims, which is as follows:

An administrative tribunal hearing took place on the 29th February to review the position with the claims and make orders for their progression. The first of these orders was for the Council to provide details for each individual as to whether or not a settlement offer was being made, along with details of how any offer is calculated. This information was due to be provided by the Council by the 31st March, following which the tribunal allowed a period of 4 months for Thompsons to write out to members who are pursuing claims with details of any offer being made and their advice on whether or not to accept this (or in the event no offer is being made, to seek your instructions on the reasons provided by the Council for this).

Unfortunately, the Council failed to provide this information by the 31st March, and, despite being chased for this, are continuing to fail to provide such information.

As a result of this, Thompsons have written to the Employment Tribunal to make them aware of the Council’s failure and ask them to take action.

Once the Council have provided this information, Thompsons will be in contact as set out above to provide details and advice, and to seek your instructions.

Both Thompsons and ourselves understand and share your frustration with this delay, and thank you for your continued patience whilst we work with the Employment Tribunal to force the Council to comply with the orders made.