Term time only claim – AGM update

As promised in our recent AGM meetings, please find below an update concerning the on-going term time only claim against St Helens Council.

  1. There has been no real movement as yet due to the Council’s, and Councillors, (who are acting on behalf of all schools inc. VA and church schools) reluctance to engage with UNISON and their desire to wait for the result of the Brazel court case.
  2. Unfortunately, the hearing of that case has been put back a month to June 2022.
  3. Some academies have negotiated settlements and paid their staff the outstanding amounts owed, which are usually based on 5 years and 3 months payments as a result of the Greenwich term time settlement case.
  4. It is important for members who leave St Helens Council or retire to maintain some form of membership so that their claim is kept active.
  5. When the result of the Brazel case is known, the branch will call mass meetings to update members.
  6. Stewards and contacts within schools are vital in this process, to help and work with us in UNISON. If you are interested in either becoming a steward or school contact, please contact the branch via email at enquiries@unisonsthelens.org.uk

Neil Woods                                        Keith Bradley
Schools Lead                                    Regional Officer