Tories threaten the triple lock

The Triple Lock is a mechanism used by the Government to determine the annual rise in the State Retirement Pension, (commonly known as the ‘Old Age Pension’). Under the triple lock the rate of inflation, the annual rise in earnings across the economy and 2.5% are compared, and the greater of these three figures determines […]

Election 2019: What is the best offer for 3.8 million pension-less 50’s born women voting on Thursday?

Thursday’s election offers a defining moment for some 3.8 million women who have had to wait for up to six years for their pension. None of the parties are offering full restitution for the women – which could still be won inthe courts, if the Court of Appeal gives permission to appeal the High Court’s […]

1950’s women are being cheated out of their expected pension entitlement

#BackTo60 has 723,500 supporters of 50’s women who demand the return of their earned dues which are being kept from them. #50’s women have ‘done all the right things’ despite having faced lifelong inequities. ‘One Voice’ is an initiative to hold the direction of the various women and groups, fighting together for one common goal…to […]

Backto60 campaign update

Backto60 / The Royal Courts of Justice update The legal case which challenged the raising of the state pension age for women from 60 to 66, brought by the campaign group Backto60 was recently listed in front of Lord Justice Irwin and Mrs Justice Whippie. David Hencke, Westminster & Whitehall News Investigations reports, Internal Whitehall […]

Women’s state pension age increases

Victory for campaign groups as High Court orders Judicial Review of Women’s State Pension Age Increases.