School news – January 2024

Class and lesson cover survey for support staff (England and Wales)

UNISON is conducting a survey of support staff in England and Wales to find out how much cover teaching assistants and cover supervisors are being asked to do, and how it is impacting them and the schools they work in.UNISON will share the findings from the survey with policymakers and use them to inform campaigns for better terms and conditions for school support staff. Complete the survey

Information for education settings on measles outbreaks

Following recent outbreaks of measles, branches should be aware of government advice on managing outbreaks.  Measles spreads very easily among those who are unvaccinated, especially in nurseries and schools, so it is important that education settings are following the guidance to protect staff and students from infection.  The following UKHSA guidance is available on GOV.UK:

The NHS also has advice for parents on measles and the importance of vaccination in protecting against infection.  The best protection against measles for children and adults is to get both doses of the MMR vaccine. It is never too late to have these vaccinations – GP practices can administer any missed doses.