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Local authorities keep our communities together and protect the most vulnerable, providing a range of services that make a real difference to us all, whatever stage of our lives. Yet as more news stories tell of councils experiencing major financial difficulty, the local services that you work so hard to deliver continue to face devastating funding cuts. Staff working in local councils are finding their budgets slashed to the bone – and after 13 years of constant cuts, there’s not much left. We face the very real risk of the number of councils declaring effective bankruptcy growing rapidly this year.The recent news of an additional £500 million for social care and £100 million in grants is frankly too little too late, providing a stopgap at best as many councils will still have to navigate cuts while waiting to hear just how this money will be distributed.With funding shortfalls reaching record highs, you can use our handy online tool to see just how much funding is missing in your local area and compare it with other councils:

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As the cost-of-living crisis continues and more people need help, properly funded public services are needed more than ever before. We can’t let a generation grow up without libraries, watch rubbish build on the streets and allow vulnerable people go without support.That’s why, together, we’re calling on the government to give our essential services the funding boost they so desperately need. With the Spring budget coming up on 6 March we want as many MPs as possible to recognise that only central government funding can help remedy this dire situation and pledge to support an increase in funding for local government – with a general election on the horizon, this promises to be an important topic!Can you ask your local MP, MSP or Senedd Member to show their support? We’ve provided a template letter so you just need to add your name – it takes less than 5 minutes so do it today and help Save Our Services!

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By standing up for local services together, we can get the government to see just how important they are to improving everyday lives.