Personal development courses

Training and development is a great way to keep your brain active and your spirits up during this pandemic and the CPD focus will stand you in good stead for any future plans.

UNISON- E-Learning – Online free for members
Study Area Course Name Link
Mental Health and Wellbeing Staying Strong: Stress
Mermaids – Virtual / Face to Face
Study Area Course Name Cost
Social work / CPD
Awareness and Diversity training
Free to members (planned and funded
nationally or regionally)
Wranx – free for members
Study Area Course Name Link
Work Focused / CPD Development Raising Awareness: Menopause in the Workplace
Mental health and Wellbeing Raising Awareness: Mental Health



Skills Academy – online  (FREE FOR MEMBERS)

If you would like to access Unison’s Skills Academy Platform please email us on and provide your first and second name and your membership number (or DOB and postcode)
Study Area Course Name
Social work / CPD Child Neglect awareness
  Child protection certification
  Child sexual exploitation awareness
  Deprivation of liberty safeguards
  Modern slavery awareness
  Privacy and Dignity certification
  Safeguarding adults certification
  Safeguarding children certification
  Safeguarding vulnerable adults certification
Personal skills and Development Body language
  Communication basics
  Decoding direct/indirect messages
  Emotional intelligence
  Handing Conflict in high Value Relationships
  Identifying the cause of conflict
  LGBTQ Awareness
  Mindful Listening
  Promoting Positive Behaviour
  Unconscious bias certification
Mental Health and Wellbeing Mindfulness
Health and Safety Lone working awareness
Personal safety Certification
Dangers of working at night Certification
Duty of Care certification
Hazard Identification and Risk Control Certification
Travel safety for Women Certification


Future Learn: OU    (FREE FOR ALL)
Study Area Course Name Link
Mental health and Wellbeing Youth Mental Health:
Helping Young People with Anxiety
Intelligence at Work
Understanding depression and low mood in young people
Mindfulness for wellbeing and peak
Leadership and
Management & leadership: Growing as a manager
Management Skills
Personal skills and
Work / life
balance and the impact of working remotely


If you work for St Helens Council and are on NJC terms, please look out for the NJC Pay 2020/21 Consultation Newsletter currently being circulated by email and on our website… your views are needed to Accept or Reject the latest pay proposal from the employers.  

If you have recently changed any of your personal details such as home address, phone number, email etc please keep the branch informed with a quick email.  In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.