NJC Pay claim 2022 – update

Thank you to all those who participated in the 2022/3 Pay Consultation.

UNISON’s NJC Committee met on 19 April to consider the results of the consultation of members on the headline claim for the 2022 NJC pay claim for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Committee thanked branches/members for participating in the consultation, which resulted in a response rate of 54.31%.

73.79% of Branches/Members responding voted for a headline pay claim of a flat rate of £2000 while 26.21% voted for a headline claim of RPI + 2%.

This is a very clear outcome, and the NJC Committee therefore agreed that UNISON’s policy is for a headline pay claim of £2000 on each pay point. This will be taken forward into talks with the other two NJC trade unions, GMB and Unite, in early May, for agreement.

In the meantime, work continues on drafting the detailed content of the pay claim. The Committee agreed strongly that the priority must be to get the pay claim in as soon as possible, so that negotiations and campaigning can begin.


Neil Woods