July 2022 Newsletter


Opening the 2022 UNISON National Conference General Secretary, Christina McAnea declared that the Government is out of touch, has no understanding of the struggles ordinary families are facing and has run out of ideas to tackle the cost of living crisis.

She said: “Struggling families are forced to choose between eating or heating, and food banks are stretched to breaking point. Ministers should be hanging their heads in shame.

“The government is so out of touch. Ministers don’t understand because they’re just not like everyone else.

“The cost-of-living crisis is down to political choices.  The government’s choosing not to increase taxes on the wealthiest. Ministers had to be dragged kicking and screaming into a windfall tax.

“The government stubbornly refuses to increase capital gains tax,
choosing instead to hike national insurance, a tax on working people. But those who get their income from stocks and shares or buy-to-let properties pay nothing more.

“Instead of making political choices to help the less well-off, the
government’s happy to let those who unashamedly profiteered from the pandemic off the hook.

“If ministers were serious about giving workers a pay rise to help ease the financial pain of soaring inflation, it could bring in a windfall tax on the indecent profits made by companies who blatantly exploited the pandemic.

“Or get back the cash from the £4 billion worth of fraudulent Covid loans given to employers. Only last week, it emerged the chancellor had failed to insure against interest rises on government debts. This blunder cost taxpayers a staggering £11 billion.

“That money could have given every single public sector worker a decent pay increase this year. Instead, the very people whose courage and dedication got the country through the pandemic are now having to rely on charity.

“We’re witnessing the dying days of a corrupt and out-of-touch
government.  A government hanging on to power but out of ideas.

“Unlike the government, dealing with the cost-of-living crisis is UNISON’s number one priority.

“The pay claims are coming in…


SHAPs Pay Talks have now commenced and are ongoing..

Members will be contacted with news as it occurs.

In the meantime, please ensure your details are up to date on the UNISON membership system.  If we have to Ballot for Strike Action to get what we need, then we have to be ready.  If any of your colleagues are not in a trade union, encourage them to join.

Any problems, please phone 07471 035412 or email

Women Against State Pension Inequality

Success for the WASPI campaign as the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman finds maladministration by the Department for Work & Pensions.  WASPI calls on the Government to appropriately compensate women affected for their financial loss.



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