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Join UNISON today – Membership is your Essential Cover at Work!

The last 18 months have been tough year for everyone, and the year ahead promises further hard times for everyone with jobs continuing to be squeezed meaning increased workloads for those left.

When times get tough – you need the help and support of UNISON – a trade union that knows what it is talking about and represents the whole of its membership across all employers and all pay scales.

You will all be aware that major restructures are currently happening, whoever your employers are, and will continue for at least the next 12 months and that is why we are fighting front and centre for your terms and conditions, equality, recognition and most of all fair pay.

The list below should show something that is affecting you now or will in the near future:

  1. Senior Managers Job Evaluation
  2. Budget Cut Restructures
  3. Impending Phase 3 Restructures
  4. School Budget Savings
  5. Care Sector Cuts
  6. Unpaid Additional Hours
  7. Section Closures
  8. Employee Welfare
  9. Redundancy and Redeployment
  10. Academisation of Schools

The above list is by no means exhaustive, and we are sure you can add to it. This is your chance to make us Stronger across our borough and increase the impact we already have in negotiating your rights for the uncertain future ahead.

Use this correspondence to talk to your colleagues within your workplaces and simply direct them to the link below. They may be a new starter, especially in Schools as the new year for you has only just begun, or in the Care Sector movement of workers across employers has always been a trend that has now escalated since the pandemic hit.

It matters to us all, collectively we are better, if they work alongside you then they should be in a Union and UNISON continues to lead the way.


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Neil Woods
UNISON St Helens Branch Chair


Membership is your ‘Essential Cover at Work’ providing:

  1. Advice, support and help when you need it at work
  2. A Helpline that is open until midnight during the week and 4 pm on Saturday
  3. Legal help for you at work and your family at home, including free wills (saving members over £50)
  4. Financial assistance and debt advice in times of need
  5. Compensation for accidents and injuries at work
  6. Education and training advice and courses, leading to vocational and professional qualifications.