Are you feeling the strain again?

In March 2019 UNISON St Helens Branch conducted a Survey across your profession following reports of increasing levels of stress. At the time YOU told us about the –

‘unmanageable case loads; low numbers of social workers dealing with the growing workload; teams working in isolation with no managers or advanced practitioners; lack of supervision; intimidation by some managers if you speak out; and poor communication which is leaving our members further stressed’

46% of you took the time to complete the survey, which highlighted that you were vulnerable and under stress in an already demanding role. A meeting with the Chief Executive at the time seemed promising. Promises were made to implement 3 changes that you identified needed to be addressed.

The 3 changes were categorised under the following headings –

improved communications;
improved working environment; and
caseload levels.

Notwithstanding COVID-19, we want to hear from you again to
ensure positive changes have been made in your workplace.

This Confidential Survey does not require you to include your name.  However, if you have specific issues you need to raise or are feeling overwhelmed or stressed and need to speak to someone at the branch, please email us directly and we will contact you privately.

Your voices count, please take time to complete and return this survey by the 4 June 2021.

Mike Swift, Branch Secretary


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